Recollect is the app I keep reaching for, when I’m feeling all that I feel.

If we haven’t met yet, I'm Amy Jones. My reason for being on the planet is to use my pain for good. In other words, to take all the shit I've come through and compost it with love, grace, and relentless kindness until it breaks down into something beautiful that helps us humans grow.

Amy Jones, Progress Coach + Strategist and Creator of Recollect

Amy Jones, Progress Coach + Strategist and Creator of Recollect

I've been into the whole helping-humans-feel-better-about-being-human-thing since I was not a girl, not yet a woman.

That's come out in a few different ways over the years:

1998—The first time I stood on a stage and confessed my struggle with major depression, which taught me that sharing my truth could help others.

1999—I organized a retreat day for my friends in college to highlight the disparity between how we look on the outside and what we're really feeling inside. Everyone got a CD with playlist. There were trust falls, y'all! That was how I liked to party on a Saturday when I was 19.

2007—I survived my fourth (and I truly believe, final) episode of major depression and was determined to take all that pain and use it to help others who struggle. I created my first blog—Love Saves Lives and made this video.

2011—I relaunched Love Saves Lives and began writing my truthiest truth in essay form.* I was so afraid of being arrested by the Internet Police** for swearing that I didn't put my name on it for 3 years. But it was worth being brave every time someone commented and thanked me by saying, "me, too." 

*I have managed to lock myself out of Wordpress and that's why the blog is not available at the moment. I'm working on it. It's just far down the list of priorities, since I'm obsessed with building us this app, Recollect.

**There are no Internet Police. Well, maybe there are, but not the ones in my head that would break through my door and yell, "we're so disappointed in you for using profanity on the Internet!"

2014—I launched an online sanctuary called SanctuWhereWe where humans could share their truth safely and anonymously, then be reminded they're not alone.

2015—I launched Map Your Progress to sell my artwork that helps you visualize big, scary goals and break them into doable steps; each time you complete a step, you color in part of the artwork to track your progress. This evolved into coaching humans on how to make progress no matter what and creating highly customized strategies for private clients.

2017—I began working on an app that would help us break our habit of mindlessly scrolling and better connect to the content we mindfully collect. Then I became obsessed and have been working on it every day since.

2018-2019—I launched the first prototype of Recollect to find out what content helps people feel better. Over 100 people have used our prototype over 5,000 times. It helps our testers feel better over 70% of the time.

Currently—I’m raising funds from investors who believe that Recollect will become an essential and invaluable app. If you or someone you know is interested in investing, do let me know!



To help humans feel better about being human.

Because virtually every human person has the same struggles with their humanity—often, we are afraid of what we think, anxious about what we feel, and compare ourselves relentlessly to others.

This gets to be a mess real quick. It's painful because we're taught that we should be a certain way. Except we're not only that way.

What are we not taught? How to be human and love ourselves for every last human-y thing we experience.