Open letter to my future investors

Not too far in the future, thousands, then millions—and yes, I truly believe one day, billions—of our fellow humans are going to be reaching for the app we've created without even thinking about it.

Just as we reach for GPS-based apps like Waze and Google Maps when we navigate our physical world, they'll reach for our app, Recollect, as they navigate their emotional world.

When they feel tired and need a boost to make it through their day, they'll reach for us.

When they feel anxious before an important conversation, they'll reach for us.

When they feel motivated and ready to slay the day, they'll reach for us.

Whenever they need to navigate any feeling or emotion—wanting to feel more reassured, encouraged or understood—they'll reach for us.

Recollect will be the best tool to remind them of whatever helps them move through any situation or life challenge—no matter what they're feeling.

Like their best friend who knows just what they need to see or hear, Recollect will show them the right quote, article, photo, video or audio that will help them feel better in that moment.

Recollect is different from social media. There are no likes, comments or followers. Everything stays private within the app because it's not about how they present to the outside world. It's designed to support the their inner world and the relationship they have with themselves.

Every time they use Recollect, they'll remember who they are and what really matters to them by taking care of their mental and emotional health in a way that's really hard to do right now.

Because humans are designed to forget. Literally.

And Recollect is designed to remind us of what helps us navigate any emotion. Easily.

When our members who subscribe to Recollect find it both essential and invaluable to their mental health and emotional wellbeing—because it is so exquisitely tailored to who they are and what resonates with them—we can take a moment to celebrate what we've created.

Because we'll have accomplished what no one else has yet—we'll have created technology that helps us be the best humans we can be.

But to get there—and I know we'll get there—we need you.

You, who gets how much this can mean.

You, who believes ROI and social impact aren't mutually exclusive—but the key to sustainable growth.

You, who are ready to invest your money in technologies that will bring out the best in our humanity—securing a future for humanity.

You are a critical part of our collective "we" that is made up of three:

Our team whom executes the day-to-day and builds what needs to be built, whom serves who we are here to serve.

Our members who subscribe to the service Recollect provides through a monthly, annual, or lifetime membership.

Our investors who contribute the funds that fuel our growth.

As your Founder, I'm always looking for how we build our company so that everybody wins—all three in our "we."

Really, it's what I think about every single day.

So thank you—especially you, who are our early investors.

You, who see how well our prototype has served our growing community.

Prototype V1 for Recollect

Prototype V1 for Recollect

You, who are delighted to see we have Founding Members who have already put money toward their subscription.

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 3.32.05 PM.png

You, who can see we've got something special and that this is an opportunity to be part of something that really moves the needle.

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 3.31.54 PM.png

I know without a trace of doubt that I am on this planet to lead this mission. I know that my entire life has prepared me to set this course and see it through. And I know how badly we humans need to be reassured—reminded every day that no matter what we are feeling, we are not alone and we are not wrong for simply being human.

Excited to meet you; please reach out to me here.


I’ve been having a lot of lunches with people, sharing about the opportunity to invest in Recollect. And while I wish we could have lunch, too, this 43 second video is a peek of what it would be like if we did. In case you’re wondering: What’s with all the food? Is this a food app? No. This is not an explainer video, but a quick-hi-to-future-investors video so you can get a quick impression and decide if you want to talk further.

Amy Jones