Embarrassed + unprepared is an excellent place to start. #podcast

Amy Jones, here. I’m a life/progress coach + strategist who has also founded a company (Love Saves Lives, Inc.) to build an app that will help millions of us humans feel better by reminding them of the right content at the right time so they feel better right away.

I call it Recollect.

It’s an entirely new kind of content feed that is the opposite of all the popular content feeds we use on a daily basis. Thus, creating this new type of feed is quite the adventure.

I’ve created this podcast to invite you into said adventure and share the story of how a community of us are dedicated to building something better. 

Reid Hoffman, the co-Founder of LinkedIn, famously said that if you release your technology and aren’t a bit embarrassed, you waited too long. I can assure you that I feel a bit embarrassed and not like I’m “ready” to do this. 

As a coach, I know those are excellent signs that indicate I’m simply being brave and showing up as I am with what I’ve got. 

I’m here to give you the behind-the-scenes of what it’s really like to build a movement and go after a big, scary dream. 

Show Notes

Tools I referenced: Zingle and Typeform

Amy Jones