Getting better at getting rejected #podcast

Y'all. I so wanted this one. 

I wanted so much to be invited to an accelerator that would have given me an incredible opportunity to learn from some amazing women and immerse myself in building this app for three months. It also would have come with enough money to get this prototype we currently have to the next level. 

Yet, it turns out I was part of the 99%+ of applicants that didn't get in. 

And that feels shitty. Even though the odds were super small (I didn't realize how small). 

This podcast episode is not about telling you that you shouldn't feel shitty when you receive a rejection. It's not about glossing over the physical pang you get when you hear the news. Or ignoring the weight of waking up in the morning and having a split second before remembering that it didn't turn out as you'd hoped.

This is not about telling you to buck up and have "better luck next time!" 

It's about acknowledging that humans are not built to enjoy rejection. We cannot escape the vulnerability of wanting life to go a certain way or the sting of disappointment when it doesn't go our way. Then there's the grieving of an expectation unmet. 

Being human is messy and feelings abound. That's what they're supposed to do.

Part 1 of this podcast is me sharing about that vulnerability in real time. I share exactly what I was feeling and what was going through my head as I was waiting for the news.

Part 2 of this podcast is me sharing the news I got and what happened after that. It's also about an a-ha I had about receiving rejection and a ritual I've created to celebrate this rejection and future ones. 

My hope is that this gives you some ideas for how you can navigate vulnerability and rejection in your life. While my story this week is in the context of building an app, the same feelings and challenges come up when we start a new romantic relationship that we so want to turn out. Or maybe we're watching our child going after their dream. Or perhaps we're struggling with chronic illness and hoping that this time, this treatment will be what's needed to restore our health. 

I know I'm getting better at getting rejected and am sharing what's helped me do that. If this resonates with you, I'd love to hear how you see this in your life and what you're going to experiment with next time you're facing this vulnerable situation.

For what it's worth, here's my rejection ritual

1 // Feel all the feels that come with getting rejected; be relentlessly kind and compassionate with myself throughout.

2 // Update my list of rejections I keep on a Google Sheet.

3 // Watch Starship's Nothing's Gonna Stop Us video.

Amy Jones