The following reminders were collected from over

100 humans who were feeling tired at the time.

Here's what they said would be helpful to remember—

when they were feeling tired.

Consistently doing things with a clear vision over a long period of time will pay off.
My energy will return - and there is more available I can tap into.
With appropriate rest and nourishment, my energy will rise. 
I can nap.
A reminder to pause and take a few deep cleansing breaths.
Usually when I'm tired I don't have the patience for anything deep so either look at photos that make me happy or quotes. 
I’m not alone. 
Keep on going.
Being tired just means I worked hard today.
You can do those hard things and you deserve rest.
It’s OK to let everything go and relax. 
That’s because you worked out sweetheart. :-) 
Hang in there!
Only a couple more hours of work! 
This situation is temporary and I will rest soon. 
You have to feel your way through it.
It’s ok to take a nap and start again. 
Take time for self-care, or it's ok to rest.
This is a season and to do all that I can while remaining healthy. 
Drink water. Take a 5/10 min walk break from work.
Could be worse. A little yawning here and there is not gonna kill you.
Hard work pays off.
My bed is warm and comfy and I’ll soon be in it. 
Sleep helps me heal.
Need to sleep more!
I can sleep when I’m dead.
It's okay to take a day off, even though you feel you can't.
Have extra patience. 
Water helps!
Caffeine is your friend. 
I’m almost done. 
I can go to bed soon.
Bedtime is soon!
My work Day is done !!!
It’s ok to take a break, breath for a few minutes and recharge my batteries. Maybe even go outside for a few minutes and feel the sun on my face.
All is well.
It’s worth it.
Sleep is good and not a waste of time.
It’s okay to rest. It’s okay to skip some house chores. It’s okay to put myself before clients. It’s okay to say no to people. 
You won’t always feel this way.
It will pass. 
I can do a quick energy pick me up... to keep going thru the day.
I don't have to do everything right now.
Tomorrow will be better.
Rest is the best thing that I can do for myself right now.
It's ok to rest.
Tired is a normal part of the daily rhythm. Resting is as important as busyness.
I'm doing extra work now to get the life I want.
I should go out for a walk - preferably with nature to get some energy and become revived.
It's ok just to relax.
Money doesn't land in chaos. Clear the chaos and space in front of you. Breathe. Take next best action step. You got this!
Every day is new.
It's early yet.
It gets better.
It’s how it is.
It will pass. 
I need to drink water. 
I don't have to do everything, that some things can wait or just not be done.
Lol, I'm just tired on this moment. No support needed. Just a nap. 
I should sleep more at night. 
Not enough self care. 
I can rest. I can cancel stuff. I can gather my thoughts and decompartmentalise. 
I can cuddle my daughter and go to sleep in 12 hours time. 
A good night's sleep will see me back on form.
I had a busy day and managed to do a lot today.
I need to slow down.
I accomplished my main objectives of the day.
It's ok to rest. Taking time out can give me time to rebuild and replenish. 
Dont be so hard on yourself.
Listen to your body; now is a great time to take 5 and stretch or meditate.
After a long day, down time and rest are important for rejuvenation. Key idea - unplug!
Remember the end goal. 
Remember it’s just the body that’s tired, not my spirit. 
Be sure to prioritize sleep in order to perform at your best! 
Rest. Rest. Rest yourself.
Always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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